Thursday, December 26, 2013

377 - Beha'aloscha

This week's parsha depicts how Bnei Yisroel complained about their monotonous diet of mann and how they petitioned Moshe Rabbeinu to supply them with meat. Moshe related their complaints to Hashem and added that he doesn't have the ability to lead the nation by himself. Hashem responded that he should gather seventy elders from Bnei Yisrael who will assist him in the role of leadership: "And I will increase the spirit of nevuah which is upon you and I will place it upon them" (Bamidbar 11, 17). Rashi explains that at that time Moshe was similar to a candle. Even if many people light candles from a single candle this does not decrease the flame. So too, even though Hashem "kindled" the nevuah of the seventy elders from Moshe's nevuah, nevertheless, this did not decrease Moshe's level of nevuah one iota. 

Rav Wolbe (Shiurei Chumash) comments that certainly Hashem could have given nevuah to each and every one of the seventy elders individually. Why did He choose to make Moshe the conduit for their spiritual acquisitions? The answer is that the method of transmitting Torah is from Rebbi to disciple. By observing and studying under a Rebbi a student grows in his spirituality. Chassidim actually based their approach to avodas Hashem on their connection to a tzaddik (their Rebbe).Reb Yisrael Salanter also promulgated this idea since he felt that a student's growth is directly in proportion to the amount of Yiras Shamayim in his Rebbi. Torah learning is of utmost importance for one's spiritual growth, and the manner which it is studied also plays an integral role in his growth. Rav Wolbe, in his introduction to Alei Shur, bemoans the fact that many in our generation sorely lack a connection to a spiritual guide. Why not find someone in your community from whom you can gain and start this vital connection today!

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