Thursday, August 5, 2010

235 - Re'eh

"If there shall be a destitute person amongst you . . . you shall surely open your hand and lend him money, as much as he needs; whatever he is lacking" (Devarim 15, 7-8). Rav Wolbe writes (Alei Shur vol. I pg. 93) that kindness is not limited to fulfilling another's request for help. The title ba'al chesedisreserved for one who has the ability to discern what is needed without the request being made, and then fulfills that desire.

However, kindness is not restricted to monetary donations. A smile can uplift someone who is dejected and words of encouragement can bring another real happiness. These are such small actions that could have such big ramifications. These are merely two of many kindnesses that we have the ability to perform - if we just took notice of what people are missing!

Everyone appreciates a compliment, and almost anyone you come in contact with benefits from a good word or a cheerful smile. So do a chessed that takes no time or money and make a point of complimenting or encouraging someone - today!

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