Thursday, January 28, 2010

212 - Beshalach

Most people live under the impression that only physical objects that can be felt and handled are real. They perceive ruchniyos as something metaphysical, and therefore, have a hard time digesting the fact that ruchniyos is no less a reality than the objects that we can hold in our hands. Rav Wolbe says (ShiureiChumash) that the shira of OzYashir ingrains in us the idea that ruchniyos in general, and Hashem in particular, are more of a reality than the table that stands in front of us.

"He threw thechariots of Pharaoh and his army into the sea." Hashem fought with the physical Egyptian warriors and in the face of His spiritual revelation the chariots drowned in the water. "With the wind of Your nostrils" - i.e. with a spiritual revelation - "the waters rose up." "You blew with Your wind" - i.e. with a spiritual revelation - "and the sea covered them." Mighty warriors are helpless and nature changes its course, when they are confronted with true spirituality. "Who is like You among the mighty, Hashem!"

When Bnei Yisroel crossed through the sea on dry land, they recognized the authenticity of ruchniyos on a level higher than the greatest prophets (excluding Moshe). Chazal tell us that even the maidservant who experienced the splitting of the sea, perceived Hashem with more clarity than Yechezkel in his prophecy of the ma'asehmerkaveh. Their level of clarity was so complete that they were able to "point" to Hashem with a finger, and say, "This is my G-d." Spirituality was a reality.

Hashem is not, G-d forbid, an ornament to decorate those special moments in our lives and give them spiritual overtones. He is the only true reality that exists. The fa├žade of nature crumbles in His presence, and there is no power or object that compares in the minutest way. If so, He should be very much a part of our lives and everything we do. "[He is] the G-d of my father and I will exalt Him." If we continuously exalt Hashem, we will ultimately come to the realization that He is more real than anything we have ever known.

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